Preparing Snack

12.9.22 Montessori Rozi Maria Gwen Margo Baking

Because learners spend much of the day productive with work and activities, it is important they take the time to nourish and rest their bodies with snacks and breaks throughout the day. During morning circle, two learners are chosen as snack helpers to help prepare and put together snacks for learners to eat during the morning work cycle. 

Preparing snack is a process that helps learners gain a sense of responsibility while also building on other skills such as counting and coordination. First, snack helpers must wash their hands and then they have to count out the number of paper cups needed for each friend in the studio. Then, learners may count, cut, and sort food into each cup. Learners also practice their writing skills by writing on the kitchen whiteboard what the snack is that day. The aim for each snack is to include protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and fats to ensure learners are getting adequate nutrition.

After snack is prepared, learners are welcome to take a break from the work cycle and have snack if a seat at the snack table is available. If learners find that there is no spot at the moment, they will find a small task to do while they wait or read a book in the studio library until the table is available again.

Before eating snack, all learners wash their hands and take a placemat to set underneath their cup. If necessary, after snack, they sweep any crumbs from the table or floor and push in their chairs before throwing away their placemat and cups. Learners have been learning which items go into the trash bin and which go into the recycling bin.

Snack preparation is available during the afternoon as well, and on Wednesdays learners have the opportunity to bake. Learners bake different foods as the seasons change – for example, they bake apple muffins in December.

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