Studio Library

05.27.22 Montessori Library Time Bodhi

Each month learners regularly discover new books in the studio library. For example, in the spring, books about insects and spring complement the work they find around the studio. Learners will also find books exploring the culture and geography of whichever continent they're currently studying. All learners have access to a library in our studio on the first floor. Learners who nap after lunch in the garden level also have their own rotating selection of books to peruse before drifting off to sleep!

After learners put away their belongings in the morning, they are free to explore and read the books in the library as they wait for more friends to arrive and the start of the morning circle. Learners might read by themselves or read aloud to others. Friends might also enjoy discussing or inventing stories about the pictures in the books.

After finishing lunch, learners choose books from the library to pass the time while they wait for all of their friends to finish their meals. Once nappers head downstairs to rest, afternoon learners choose from a bin of “red books” designed for emerging readers. Taking advantage of the added space and quiet in the studio, they find their own tables at which to read by themselves or to a guide. 

The books in the studio library are also available to learners outside of these times. When engaging in a “big work,” or a project that consumes a lot of time, learners are free to take a break in the library. Or if they are waiting for a spot at the snack table, the library is available to them as well. 

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